BattleBrain for BlackBerry 2.1

Challenge your powers of recall


  • Bright, colorful graphics
  • Three game modes
  • Simple to play


  • Gets a bit too repetitive


If you're the kind of person who is always forgetting stuff then perhaps it's time to get some mental exercise.

BattleBrain is an amusing and challenging game that will test your memory. It's based around the classic matching-pairs format but is presented in a bright and colorful way, with very simple game controls. All you need to do is click on one of the cards to turn it over, then click another. If they match, you win the hand, if not, play passes to the other person. The winner is the person with the most cards once the table has been cleared.

There are three different game modes in BattleBrain. The first, 'Brain Battle', sees you take on the computer in a head-to-head fight to find the most pairs. Alternatively, you can choose to play in single-player mode, or against a friend.

There are a few options in BattleBrain for you to tinker around with, such as the difficulty level, sound, plus unlockable card decks and backgrounds. Unfortunately, I found BattleBrain got a little repetitive after a while, and I think it would've benefited from more of a 'brain training' approach, with more statistics, graphs and progress charts.

Having said that, BattleBrain does offer an amusing way to improve your memory while sat on the bus.

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BattleBrain for BlackBerry 2.1

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